Boku No Stop!

Episode 13: Ricefucker Graveyard

April 14th, 2019

In this episode of Boku No Stop! we discuss episodes 25+26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, "The World Ending/Do you love me?" and "A Giant Japanese Pun That Is Also A Harlan Ellison Reference*".

This is our shortest episode by a mile because when you lay out what happens here, even with us dicking around, there's absolutely no meat on these bones. It's the series ending with no budget and a bunch of loose ends which wouldn't be answered for a whole year. In the middle of recording an episode that's barely an hour long, one of our three hosts leaves to go play MtG: Arena. This is how little excitement anyone had for this finale.

  • the actual title is "The Beast That Shouted (Ai) At The Heart Of The World", where "ai" is pronounced like the letter but also translates to Love, turning the entire title into a reference to said Ellison story.

Show Notes
A gallery of the images we commented on in the episodes.

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