Boku No Stop!

Episode 51: 10: Vibing With Your Dad Simulator 2021

September 19th, 2021

In this episode of Boku No Stop! we discuss all sorts of responsible uses of your money, time, and lifestyle as a mature adult episodes 31-33 of Monster.

Look, y'all. If ever there was proof we need Matt to moderate Chris and I, this is the week that proves it. This is our shortest full episode on record mostly because the two of us made such good pace in discussion that we turned into gossipy coworkers at the world's worst office, and we sliced out anything that wasn't remotely interesting. Just two people bringing the daddy energy for most of an hour.

Spend good money on your chairs and your sleep aids. Also, I want it noted that despite my making a few "goofs" in the episode art, the screenshot this week is an easter egg on the show's part, not mine.

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