Boku No Stop!

Episode 78: 09: Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mo-

February 19th, 2023

In this episode of Boku No Stop! we discuss the Lupin III OVA, Fujiko's Lie.

Content warnings: child endangerment/kidnapping, a rather brutal car crash scene, many questionable uses of coercive/coerced sexuality, naked kid (PG), brutal gun violence, gaslighting

We wind down our (this?) Lupin III season with thus-far the final OVA in this cycle, Fujiko's Lie, and discuss how this is definitely a real mixed bag for most of our hosts (three guesses on who was still gung-ho), the production that followed, and where the Lupin series is at, before announcing our next season debuting in April: Code Geass S1! Come back and join us for a wild time, won't you?

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